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To qualify for pre-registration for a Friday/Saturday/Sunday event, you MUST be preregistered by NOON. on THURSDAY

The following are Pre-registered Prices


Friday Track Day at Auto Club Speedway $199
Saturday and Sunday Track Days at Auto Club Speedway $249
Chuckwalla Valley Raceway "No Sessions" Track Days $189

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  • Rider Development School is: $100 per rider and each RDS student must also sign up for Level I
  • * ACT Leather rentals: $65.00 per day and renter required to pay for any damage to the suit.
  • * Shoei Helmet rentals: $15.00 per day and renter pays for the helmet if the helmet hits the ground from a crash
  • * Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots: $20.00 per day and renter is required to pay for all damages to the boots in event of a crash
  • * Alpinestars Back Protectors: $10.00 per day (ACT suits do not require back protectors as the back protected in integrated into the suit)
  • * Alpinestars Gloves: $5.00 per day but if damaged the rider pays Fastrack $149.00 for the gloves

*Sizes available on a first come first served basis


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