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Save Big On Driving to Auto Club Speedway!

See how much you spend on gasoline going to other tracks. Fill in the form to see what it really costs you. You'll see there is a huge difference in price...

Your Zip Code:  
Your Gas Mileage   miles per gallon
Cost of a gallon of Gas  
Other Track's Zip Code  
Track Entry Fee  

*Zip Codes for Various Tracks:

Auto Club Speedway - 92335
Buttonwillow Raceway Park - 93206
Chuckwalla Valley Raceway - 92239
Spring Mountain Ranch (Pahrump) - 89048
Willow Springs International Raceway - 93560

Overnight camping fees:

Auto Club Speedway - no charge
Buttonwillow - $20.00 minimum per night
Chuckwalla - $25.00 per night

Gate fees:

Buttonwillow $10.00 per person
Chuckwalla $10.00 per person
Pahrump $10.00 per person
Willow Springs $10.00 per person

Gate fees are per person so if you bring along a couple of friends they each have to pay the gate fee so it drives up the cost even more.

What You Get At Auto Club Speedway:

1. "No Gate Fee"
2. "No Camping Fee"
3. "Garages For All Riders"
4. "Lap Times Provided To Each Rider For Free On AMB Timing System"

For Exact Mileage To Other Tracks

*The distances or mileage is calculated round trip from Zip Code to Zip Code with actual mileage usually being greater! Examples are listed below from a specific address in San Juan Capistrano, CA. to each race track.

Auto Club Speedway   per MapQuest 117.9 miles
Buttonwillow   per MapQuest 377.3 miles
Chuckwalla   per MapQuest 371.7 miles
Pahrump   per MapQuest 553.6 miles
Willow Springs   per MapQuest 286.3 miles
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